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    Thumbs down twist in the tail

    In the following sentence What does "twist in the tail" mean. If it were "tale" it wouldn't have confused me: " First a doggged journalist wanted to know the name of my pets. Then came the twist in the tail." this is the heading part. The detailed story then follows as below: " They don't even spare my pets. First a dogged journalist wanted to know what my canines were called. For fun, when I said theat one was 'Ruger Bedi' named after me and the other was 'Buster Kaushal' named after my hubby, the prabhandak committee threatened to sue me. the controversy, thankfully, is behind me. I have apologised. Let sleeping dogs lie."

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    Re: twist in the tail

    It's an idiom meaning that there is something unexpected at the end of a story.

    I have had difficulty fitting it in with the extract you have given.

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