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    please give your suggestions

    Please answer me the following questions:
    The installation modes of the N2000 UMS include Full Installation, Client Only, Program Only, and Database Only. The details are as follows.
    Can this sentence be made more simpler? Like:
    The installation modes of the N2000 UMS are as follows:
    Full Installation
    Client Only
    Program Only
    Database Only
    An another one:
    Before installing the N2000 UMS, ensure the following conditions?
    •The equipment environment complies with the installation requirement, such as the temperature (15℃-30℃), the relative humidity (15%-30%), and the dust-proof condition
    •The power supply system is normal.
    Is it wrong to write as ensure the following conditions?? or is appropriate if written as, ensure the following:
    please give your suggestions

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    Re: please give your suggestions

    In all technical documents use either bullet points or numbered points. These can be "nested" (that is, one bullet point can introduce more options),
    For instance:

    There are four installation modes of the N2000 UMS:
    1. Full Installation
    2. Client Only
    3. Program Only
    4. Database Only
    (use numbered points where there is a specific limit to the number of options, in this case there are 4 points AND ONLY 4 points)

    Before installing the N2000 UMS, the following conditions must be met:

    •The equipment environment must comply with the following requirements:
    • the temperature must be between 15℃ and 30℃
    • the relative humidity must be between 15% and 30%
    • The environment must be dust-proof
    •The power supply system must be normal

    (use bullet points where the statements are not limited...these state that the points mentioned are important but there may be others which are not mentioned).

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