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    Smile Revision techniques

    Good morning to all,

    Is everyone well ?

    I was wondering If anyone could help me in regards to my coming AS English Language exam (two weeks last Friday). Basically, I'm looking for any good revision techinques I could use - or tips on how to write an analysis which is worthy of a good grade. Usually the analysis is written based upon two texts of the exaiminer's choosing.

    I.e: Two different styles of recipies - or - two persuasive texts, such as the WWF - persuading people to donate money in sake of Wildlife and Animals in the UK.

    If anyone can help me - I would truely appriciate it.

    Kindest Regards,

    Jackalina the Wise

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    Re: Revision techniques

    With your WWF example, the purpose is clear, but there are many ways to try to get people to dig into their pockets. Do they tell success stories or sob stories. Many of these adverts try to draw us in and then bring up the subject of cash- look for the place in the text where they ask. Who are they trying to appeal to- young old, rich, poor, everyone, etc? Do they address the reader directly with words like 'you'? Which adjectives and adverbs do they use to try to make us sympathetic to their cause. Do they give facts and figures?

    Does the text include images? If so, look at them too. After all, the WWF has used the panda as a symbol for years because it is so cute, even though many scientists believe it is an evolutionary dead-end.

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    Re: Revision techniques

    Hi Jackalina,

    I'm studying for Law and Sociology this year and was looking for ways to revise - couldn't find what I was looking for so built my own! (Whilst I should have been revising!!!)

    Basically, you enter snippets of text and the engine emails them to you randomly by the hour! When you've learnt it, just take it off random email but keep it for revision. It works really great for me.

    Take a look - revision



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