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    murderous complicity

    What would be the meaning of the adjective murderous in the sentence below? I don't think it is murderous as in "wanting to commit murder", or murderous as in "bloodthirsty", and it can't be murderous as in "a murderous exam". Comment, please!

    The Officer’s gorge rose at the atmosphere of murderous complicity which surrounded him, denser, more impenetrable, more acrid than the fog outside.

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    Re: murderous complicity

    In this context, murederous expresses capablity of devastation.

    I'm, not a teacher.

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    Re: murderous complicity

    It's Conrad using 'murderous' in its literal sense. So 'murderous complicity' is 'an atmosphere such as that between participants in committing or planning a murder'.


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    Re: murderous complicity

    Thanks BobK. Exactly what I was looking for


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