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    what does "learn with" mean?

    Dear teachers,
    First, please read the following question:
    How could you learn with the language?
    a. In class
    b. From a teacher
    c. By using it in actual communication
    d. With a purpose
    This question is based on an article. the answer is C.
    What puzzles me is "learn with". I know we can say "learn English", we can say "learn language", but why is "with" here? "learn" can be used as vt. can't it?
    If the answer is D, the question should be: How could you learn the language? or What could you learn the language with?
    But the answer is C. then why isn't the question How could you learn the language?
    By the way, here is one sentence from the text: They find it easy to practice using the language regularly because they want to learn with it.

    "learn with" again. what on earth does it mean? and what does "it" refer to here?

    I am bemused, plz help.

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    Re: what does "learn with" mean?

    The question looks wrong to me. You could use 'learn with a language' to include the cultural, educational and other benefits of learning a language, but the first question doesn't make sense to me. The second example, though clumsy, seems to be implying that they want to do more than just learn the language.

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