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    Question Author, Allie

    I will be writing in third person for the next part of my book. I have to have a husband talk to a detective and a doctor without giving his name to the reader. The doctor's name cannot be revealed either. Please help asap. It is crucial the husband, a detective and a doctor talk about the wife who has been badly injured and is in a trauma center of a hospital. The detective is the only one who can be called by his name for the reader to see.

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    Re: Author, Allie

    Make the doctor bad at remembering names, so he can't remember the wife's name and refers to her as the patient, then he wouldn't know the husband's name either.

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    Re: Author, Allie

    Use a narrative style when they meet, and use dialogues only after they introduced themselves to each others. If the narrator "jumps" into the dialogue after it started, you should be able to avoid mentionning names.

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    Question Re: Author, Allie

    Thanks for your reply. I do show the detective always talking as he inters the room, thus no names there, such as, "So, you're the husband, I need to get your prints, etc." Can you show me how I could have the narrator "jump" into the dialogue after it started? Thanks Francoise (Did I spell your name correctly?)


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