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    How to find self-teach ESOL course

    My prospective partner is a Thai national living with me in Swansea - he has studied US english in Thailand and can understand and be understood - however he needs to prepare for working later this year and to take the citizenship/english test in just over two years time. I have read that if he followes an approved ESOL course, with citizenship ellements, that he could avoid taking the test. We seem to have very little in the way of ESOL (including citizenship) education in this part of wales - does anyone know of any reasonably priced web based or written material that he could use for self-study initially until we locate a formal course. We have very little funding available and I am dissapointed to find that there seem to be none of the free resources locally that might be found in London or other large cities.

    Any suggestions or ideas would be welcomed

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    Re: How to find self-teach ESOL course

    As I understand it, the ESOL and Citizenship courses are only offered in Further Education or Community Colleges. Swansea College offer the ESOL/Citizenship courses: Swansea College - Full Time Courses

    There is plenty of free stuff on the web, on this site and others where he can practise his English. Also, if you scroll through the comments here, you will see a number of websites offering practice and information on the citizenship test, some of which are free.

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    Re: How to find self-teach ESOL course


    My wife completed a 1 day course last month and within 2 weeks she got a certificate from Edexcel and a confirmation letter from College of Skills & Learning that she has attended the Citizenship course.

    This might be an option for you to consider. Only thing is the course is in Birmingham and you have to register first

    Hope this is helpful

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    Re: How to find self-teach ESOL course

    Pleased to say that my partner passed his test after studying on line - he now has indefinite leave to remain....citizenship next step

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    Re: How to find self-teach ESOL course

    That's good to hear gbswales. Visas/citzenship/permits can be quite a hassle to deal with when living in a foreign country. I hope it all works out.

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