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    would any one help me with this please !!!

    Consider the following meanings for the English word butt:
    the target of a joke (He was always the butt of any practical joke in the office);
    a cigarette end (Please donít throw your butts in the gutter);
    a large cask for wine (Falstaff could drink a butt of wine at a single sitting);
    an archery target (The arrow hit the exact centre of the butt)
    the blunt end of a rifle (The soldier hit me in the back with the butt of his rifle)
    How would you arrange these in terms of homonymy / polysemy? (One polysemous word with four related meanings? Four separate homonyms? Two homonyms, each with sets of related meanings? etc.) Give supporting argument for your decision.

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    Re: aoof

    Given that this sounds like an assignment, what are your thoughts on the issue?


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