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  1. ofadlalla


    dear sir:

    how are you? I want to make sumarize of comperhansive or story could you give me how can I do it , please try to help me for I waited .

    thank you
    Osama Hassan Ali Fadlalla

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    Re: mr

    Welcome, ofadlalla.

    How to summarize:
    Break down the larger ideas and pull out the main ideas/actions

    Write enough to convey the main idea, but do not copy entire sections of the story

    Write only what's necessary, don't give too many details (try 6 main ideas or less for a short story)
    Talk about "who, what, where, when, how, and why:

    Character: people or creatures doing something in the story

    Setting: where and when the story takes place

    Action (activity): everything that happens in the story

    Conflict: the problem that controls or triggers the action in the story

    Ending: conclusion or solution, a natural stopping point

    Mood: the feeling the reader gets from the story

    Tone: the author's attitude or feeling about a story

    Point of View: the angle from which the story is told; depends on who is telling the story

    Foreshadowing: when the author gives clues about what will happen

    Flashback: the author goes back to an earlier time to fill in missing information

    Suspense: tension or excitement that makes you want to read more

    Surprise Ending: twist in the plot at the end of the story
    Source: Kristen's Story Elements and Summarizing Unit

    All the best.


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