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    Hi sir
    good aftrnoon:
    Sir today I want to asking that How we can understand the prepostion When I read the news paper or some phrases I feel very dificult to understand . Because I could idea that perpostion follow by nonune or verb Even I Know the meaning of word but feel very very....
    Can you give me fully information with example that in this sentence prepostion fllow by none in this prepostion is follow by pronoun or verb
    because if you'll give me a little bit advice . my life to be better.
    Thank you for advicing as always
    be happy always all in life.
    Now I want to permission now
    see you soon
    take care

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    Re: Prepostion

    If it helps:

    The word 'smoking' (for example) is not always a verb.

    "He is smoking." (verb)
    "Smoking is bad for you," (noun)

    "I am tired of television." (preposition + noun)
    "I am tired of smoking." (preposition + noun)

    The word 'to' is not always a preposition.

    "I want to go." (particle (not preposition) + verb (always infinitive/base form)
    "They went to Karachi." (preposition + noun)

    You might be confused by:

    "I used to go." (particle (not preposition) + verb)
    "I am/got used to hot weather." (preposition + noun)
    "I am used to smoking." (preposition + noun)

    Keep up the reading. Hope you aren't more confused.

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