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    Electronicity - a word?

    I would like to know if electronicity is a true word, not a bushism or something made up and accepted into dictionaries because people can't be bothered to learn and use correct language. I only want to use real words and help retain some purity in the English language!


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    New to me

    First time I've seen it in 50 years of carefully looking for new words. The website electronicity.web defines it as "the state of adapting to the electronic era, of utilizing its differences with the pre-internet age, of using forms and markup and business models that take into account the need to do things in a new way."

    I get the drift, but I'm not sure we need the word. The pre-internet age has all but passed. There are only a few returns on Google search. I think it will die out naturally through non-use, unlike the dreaded "business models" which have seeped in to the world of education.

    Thanks for the warning.

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