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    a day in advance of reality


    I would appreciate comments on the expression below. In what way do lovers live a day in advance of reality?

    Living all his spare moments, as is frequently the case with expectant lovers, a day in advance of reality, and in a state of bestarred hallucination, it required nothing less than the name of his perpetual antagonist pronounced in a loud voice to call the youngest of Napoleon's generals away from the mental contemplation of his betrothed.

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    Unhappy Re: a day in advance of reality

    If he was going to see his betrothed the following day, it would make sense - he would be enjoying the expectation of the reality that was going to be [on the following day]. Otherwise, I don't see what it could mean. Sorry.


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    Re: a day in advance of reality

    I think it means that he is always thinking about what he will be doing with his beloved - in the next few hours/days - to such an extent that his attention wanders and he is in a dreamlike state of mind.

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