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    [Help] When are these verbs used?

    Dear : Teachers

    I have a small problem. I dont understand much about To include and To contain. Can u show me the situations to use these verbs. Thanks you in advance. Sorry for my bad English !

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    Re: [Help] When are these verbs used?

    'Include' means 'to count (someone/something) along with others':

    - We were sixteen for dinner including the children.
    - Up to and including the 31st December.
    - Did you include Aunt Mabel among the people you have invited?

    'Contain' has the sense of 'hold':

    - This box contains two pounds of chocolates.
    - The bottle contains one litre.

    'Contain' can also have the meaning of 'hold back' or 'restrain':

    - She could hardly contain her fury.

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    Re: [Help] When are these verbs used?

    I'm very happy! Thanks teacher very much. Now, i can understand them clearly.

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