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    could you please tell me which tenses to use in the following sentence and why:

    I apologize for not replying/having replied sooner, but I waited/have waited/was waiting/had been waiting for the reply from my legal representative.

    Thank you very much.


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    Talking Re: tenses!

    hı I think ıt must to be replaying and have.....

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    Re: tenses!

    Either "replying" or "having replied" will work ; "was waiting" or "have been waiting" in the second part, if you need the sentence as one.

    If you use "waited" or "have waited", I would split the sentence into two and either should lead to a reason for waiting:

    " I apologize for notreplying/having replied sooner. I waited/had waited for the reply from my legal representative in order to have the facts."

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