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Thread: eight courses

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    eight courses

    Tmothy, the tiger-cub, was discovered by Grandfather on a hunting expedition in the Terai forest near Dehra.
    Grandfather was no shikari, but as he knew the forests of the Siwalik hills better than most people, he was pursuaded to accompany the party -- it consisted of severay Very Important Persons from Delhi -- to advise on the terrain and the direction the beaters should take once a tiger had been spotted.

    The camp itself was sumptuous seven large tents (one for each), a dinining-tent, and a number of servants' tents. The dinner was very good, as Grandfather admitted afterwards; it was not often that one saw hot-water plates, finger-glasses, and seven or eight courses, in a tent in the forest ! But that was how things were done in the days of the Viceroys...... There were also some fifteen elephants, four of them with howdahs for the shikaris, and the others specially trained for taking part in the beat.

    Please explain the highlighted ones. [I have already looked into dictionares for words like `terrain', `howdahs' but I can't grasp the meaning from dictionaries.]

    I hope your lucid and simple explanation will help me.

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    Re: eight courses

    Hi Gary

    - party = group (the group of people in th hunting expedition)
    - terrain = an area of land
    - beaters = people who drive the animals out of hiding
    - hot-water plates = (?) presumably plates filled with hot water which keep the meal warm
    - finger glass = presumably the same as a "finger bowl", which is a small bowl filled with water used to rinse the fingers (during a meal)
    - course = each individual part of a meal served at one time
    - viceroy = deputy of the king or queen
    - howdah = a seat/platform placed on an elephant (so that you can ride the elephant, for example)
    - beat = (?) this may be another name for the type of hunting expedition in the story

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    Re: eight courses

    "the beat" - the elephants were used in long grass and woodland to force the game ( in this case, tigers) out into the open - this image is a much bigger beat than the one in the account, but gives an idea:

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    Re: eight courses

    Quote Originally Posted by Philly View Post
    - viceroy = deputy of the king or queen
    A bit of background: 'The days of the Viceroys' means something more specific here - the time in the history of India when it was governed by a succession of Viceroys. (Queen Victoria - who is hailed on coins with the abbreviation 'Ind. Imp.'['Empress of India'] never actually went there.)


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