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Thread: instalment

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    Now that I know that instalment can also be spelled installment (but this is AE)…..
    I am wondering if I can consider using the word instalment not only for a tv serial (like a tvfilm, a tv fiction etc) but also the various times a tv show (like an entertainment with a host, some guests etc……I hope I am making it clear which tv show I am referring to) is on the air.
    For instance: I want to say that a Saturday night tv show is on the air for five weeks…….can I say the instalments are five/ or the show is in five instalments?

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    Re: instalment

    You could say the program will be shown in five installments on Saturday nights. But usually if the show is not a fiction show, with a plot that continues from week to week, we wouldn't call it an "installment," but simply an "episode."

    "Channel two is showing a new episode of Dancing with the Stars every Saturday for the next five weeks."

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    Re: instalment

    would you use episode or instalment for a variety show? THANKS

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    Re: instalment

    You would use episode.

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    Re: instalment

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    Re: instalment

    ...another doubt: is it fine to use, for a variety show's episode, the word show (for instance: the new show of Dancing with the stars will be broadcast........;)?
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    Re: instalment

    ....or he was invited onto (or he took part in/ he performed on etc etc) the second and the third show of "Dancing with the stars" (meaning the second and the third episode)?

    I think I am having problems with this translation for the following reasons:
    1. The dictionary (either mono and bi-lingual) does not give a proper explanation ;
    2. in my language (Italian) I think we have differences of meaning and, also, episode is, if not a false friend, used in quite a different way........
    3. I keep on reding over and over agian what I wrote but I don't know why , it sounds not correct.......
    4. if I hadn't found you on the www I would have never found out the proper translation !!!!!



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