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    different and plural

    when the word"different" is in the sentence does the noun need to be in plural because different means comparing.
    for example, if there are two pictures one moon in one picture is green the other is blue.
    Which one is correct?
    The moons are different.
    The moon is different (meaning the green one is different or the blue one is different) but this is ambiguious so would the plural be a be a better sentence?

    if plural is the better sentence.

    if there is a person with one arm behind his back and the other picture has a person with both arms showing.
    Which is the correct sentence
    the person's arm is different
    the people's arms are different
    the person's arms are different.

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    Re: different and plural

    The moons are different.

    Their arms are different.
    This/that person's arm is different.
    The two people's arms are different.
    The persons' arms are different. <awkward>

    Note, the noun persons "emphasises that each member of a group is being considered as an individual: “The nearest persons they can vent their feelings on are the ball boys and girls”, “Eight persons shared a single room”."

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    Re: different and plural

    Persons is very formal and rather literary.


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