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    Question Speech Impairment after stroke ???

    Can anyone around possibly answer this question for me, please:

    "My mother suffered from a stroke back in January and has suffered among other things linguistically. Do you know of a program of exercises one could use to help someone regain knowledge of the way all words should sound etc? We always have a very hard time understanding what she is saying unless she acts it out. Often times she gives up and looks contemplative. She honestly seems to think that we can understand her. I'm actually kind of scared to ask the speech therapist for advice. I'd like to create flashcards for her to help her practice various combinations of sounds and the reading of words that have different logistical meanings. What would you suggest?"

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    Re: Speech Impairment after stroke ???

    It wouldn't hurt to seek the advice of a speech therapist, first.

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    Re: Speech Impairment after stroke ???

    A therapist would be the perfect choice?
    I wish you both all the best...god bless you both

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    Re: Speech Impairment after stroke ???

    A lot of people advise using a therapist: Intense Therapy Improves Speech After Stroke

    There are some products: Speech - Aphasia Recovery Kits for adults.
    Speech & Language therapy after Stroke, Aphasia or Brain-injury

    My father's speech became very slurred after his stroke, but he managed to improve quite a bit- it was always slurred, but he became readily comprehensible.

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    Re: Speech Impairment after stroke ???

    Hello. I'm a speech therapist working with stroke patients and would be happy to have a go at answering your questions. This is the first time I've ever used a forum though so bear with me.

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    Re: Speech Impairment after stroke ???

    Welcome, snipper.

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