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    Complex english grammar


    Can you plz tell me good online sites and english grammar books available in India for understanding and learning complex english rules where i can not only find good explanation but examples too.

    Let me tell you about my background first as this well help you better understand my level and what I am looking for. I reside in India in New Delhi, studied throughout my school and college life in English medium, but was never told grammar rules in detail by the teacher or got the opportunity to practice them. So, now when i grew up i feel that not having good knowledge of English grammar is holding me and my desire to succeed in life to a large extent and this frustrates me a lot. I am 28 and still dont know how to make complex-compound sentences, how to make complex passive sentences, when to use to + have done, etc.

    In short, i know grammar rules and terms and I can understand English very well as i mentioned earlier that i did my schooling in English medium only and right now too, to improve my level of English I always try and write in English only, converse in English and watch English movies and serials and listen to English songs a lot... you can say to be able to have a good command over English has become my passion now. I am waiting for that day where i can say "yes" that i can speak flawlessly in English and write excellently in it, because i know that day will be open vistas of opporunities for me as far as landing a good job or getting good promotions is concern.

    Please write me back. I am looking for such sites which contain A to Z about grammar rules and its practice and good grammar books, not beginner grammar but of intermediate and advanced level.

    Thanking you in anticipation.

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    Re: Complex english grammar

    Frankly, your english is fairly good.

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    Re: Complex english grammar

    Michael Swan Practical English Usage
    The Internet Grammar of English
    The Cambridge Grammar of English

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