Who is going to help me with this Bar graph?
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(the graph is at page 5)

and this is my report:

"The bar graph shows 4 different modes of transports used by commuters in an european city in the years 1950, 1970 and 1990. As an overall trend we can say that while in the 1950 the choice of going on foot or by bike was predominant, in the 1990 the situation is radaically change, beeing car the first used mean of transport, followed at a great distance by bus, foot and bike.

In 1950 38% of the people commuted on foot, 30% by bike, 28% by bus and only 5% by car. In 1970 the choice for bus peaked to 30% and the one for car rose steeply to 28%, while bike and foot decreased considerably to , respectively, 20% and 18%. Finally, in 1990 car peaked to 38% and bus went down to 16% while bike and foot reduced again reaching, correspondingly, 8% and 9%.

In conclusion, while in 1950 means of transport without an engine were the first choice, meaning bike and foot, this trend was inverted in 1970 when bus and car were predominant and consolidated in 1990 when the gap was even bigger."