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    [HELP] When do we use these words?

    Dear : Teachers

    I have a small question about vocalbulary.
    Can you show me when we use two nouns "Chance" and "Opportunity"?
    Example :
    He wants to work as a doctor because he will have the opportunity to go aboard.

    Why dont we use "chance"? Doesn't "chance" go with infinitive?

    Thanks teachers very much. I'm sorry for my bad English...I'm very grateful for your enthusiasm....

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    Re: [HELP] When do we use these words?

    In this sentence and context, you could use "chance". The two words are very close in meaning:

    opportunity: a favourable time or set of circumstances for doing something "Now the days are longer, it is a good opportunity to go to France."

    chance: 1 a possibility of something happening. " There is a chance of going to France now that the days are longer."

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