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    Post till/until...

    Hi...another qustion for you...geez...i know nothing unlike all of you ...i have been wondering for a long time and now i have the chance to find out the when do i use ''till'' and ''until''?...can you explain or give examples? Thanks a lot.

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    Re: till/until...

    They have the same meaning. However, til(l) (spell til(l) without the preceding apostrophe. On contrary, it is regarded as wrong) is generally considered less formal, and it should not be used in writing. Also, don't start sentences with til(l).
    Until is more often in both speech and writing.

    One more thing: Don't consider til(l) as an abbreviation for until. Til is way older than until.
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    Re: till/until...

    They are interchangeable. This is a nice little account of their origin: The Mavens' Word of the Day

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    Smile Re: till/until...

    Got it now...thanks both of you .


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