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    Exclamation vocabullary matters... it a place where can i find the most important words anyone should know? if yes, wich is it? can i improve my vocabulary in the better way? There are moments when i don't find my words to say something and i wish talked more...FLUENTLY!

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    Red face Re: vocabullary matters...

    There are many ways to improve your language, but the best is absolutely practicing.
    * Try to speak with native speakers and don't be afraid.Even the English make mistakes. If there be none speak it with you friends.
    * Something else of major importance is reading, constant reading. This helped me so much. I sometimes find myself subconsciously writing some very complex structure .
    Notice: U should have a copybook where you write down new vocabį (with full context) so that you can revise them from time to time.

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    Smile Re: vocabullary matters...

    Thanks for your advice. I actually keep in touch with foreign persons, but only on messenger and...talking face to face it's quite different...i met someone once from London....i had so many words in my head but i just couldn't tell him everything i wanted to... and his english was as i expected to be...perfect

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