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    Big shout! help

    “Can we live alone?” Maybe this is a question you have asked. Of course, people cannot live alone. They need to have communication, especially with family and friends. Interaction obviously has influenced on one another especially when people socialize. Because of the great deal of influences, there are social issues to be discussed about young adults to which views are the most important influence. Nowadays, many stereotypical ideas have emerged. This includes a saying: if you hang out with bad people, you will become bad people. We cannot interpret the idea of influence unless we are unbiased. In the meantime, two contrasting ideas have occurred. Some people think that family is the most important influence on young adults while others argue that friends are the most important influence on young adults. Indeed, research studies have shown that, among the two sentences, friends become the most important influence on young adults.
    The first and most important reason is time. This concerns how much time young adults spend with their friends and families. As Larson and Verma, (1999) mention, “spending time in activities with friends provides a context through which friends may influence one another.” This means that the more time they socialize the more influence they are. In this case, if they make friends with those who study, they probably study like their friends. Nevertheless, if they make friends with gangsters, they are probably gangsters. Moreover, the behavior of one group defines the behavior of individuals in the group. Although this might not be true now, it can possibly be proven correct in the near future because people can not hang out with the peers who do not share interests like them. Thus, one day the one who differs from the group will adjust his or her behavior to be more alike according to his or her peer group. For instance, in a group of schoolgirl, everyone in the group sings, yet only one youngster does not. However, by the time she is familiar, she will change her attitude in order to be more alike according to her group by singing like her friends. In the study Relations of Friends’ Activities to their Similarity in Academic Adjustment proves, “characteristic of adolescent’s friends can influence the corresponding characteristics of the adolescent.” This study gives example of adolescent who had friends high in disruptive behavior at the beginning of the year. In short, by the end of the year their disruptive behavior is increased. What is more, Cambodian lifestyle has dramatically changed. Cambodian parents nowadays have less time than ever before because of trying to earn money in order to support their families. Some are double-income families, which mean that both parents work simultaneously to “double their income.” As a result, they spend less time with their children, and their children spend most of their time at school socializing with their friends.
    Another reason is that adulthood is known as a “rebel period.” In this age, what catch the most attention of young adult is exploring new things. They can learn from people around them more quickly especially their surrounding friends. In their family with which they have lived since childhood, it seems to have nothing new while they find alternative with their friends. So, they will learn a lot of new things which can be either bad or good from their friends. For instance, the ways they dress up can be changed according to their companions especially for those with modern style.
    These reasons make friends play the main role in influencing on young adults. Because the youths of today are the leaders of tomorrow, I believe it is very important to choose friends, good friends; otherwise, there will be so much social pathologies.
    May all the youths of today receive only good impacts of their friends’ influences and make themselves become good samples for one another to develop our poor country, Cambodia!

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    Re: Big shout! help

    kimhong, do you have a question for one of our teachers?

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    Re: Big shout! help

    hmmn, possibly yes.
    i need correction. please grade me this essay.

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    Re: Big shout! help

    We do not correct homework assignments.

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