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    poisoned word

    I have one question regarding the following statement:

    Don't you get it? There was hidden bones in his speech. David was not praising you, but instead he was humiliating you.

    I am not sure if we use 'hidden bones' in English to describe some statement that looks very polite but there are actually some bad or negative meaning hidden behind the lines, to hurt or to insult indirectly.

    My question: Is 'hidden bones' a correct phrase to use in this situation? How about 'hidden pin'?

    It would be very helpful if someone gives me more suggestions that can replace 'hidden bones' in the example above. Thank you a lot.

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    Re: poisoned word

    bone of contention The subject of a dispute.

    bone to pick Grounds for a complaint or dispute.

    Hidden 'bones' could refer to issues that are unresolved

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    Re: poisoned word

    Thank you for your suggestions.

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