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Thread: Grouping Texts

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    Grouping Texts

    Hi, I just wondered what is the best way to group texts in exam? Because i'm not really sure what groups to put them under. Can you help me please?

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    Re: Grouping Texts

    Would this help?

    "Group the texts according to genre; then according to generation; then according to texts produced in a specific period (baroque vs. renaissance; realist vs. naturalist; Franco vs. post-Franco; writers of the boom; 20th century theater).
    Since the list is long, it is unlikely that you will be able to provide an outstanding synthesis of every single’s texts importance and to analyze every single text. Yet you should be able to address most texts and authors on the list to best prepare for each sub-field.
    You should prepare to answer questions of this sort by grouping texts into time periods, related authors/texts; genres; generations, etc."

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