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    Idoms understanding problems

    good afternoon:
    Sir I want to that some below idoms explain to me because I'm feel very deficult
    A: tie the Knot
    B: have a crush
    C:take the plunge
    D fall in love
    E one the rocks
    F: head over heels in love

    What these above meanse.I really feel upsent when read about that

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    Re: Idoms understanding problems

    Hi farooq,

    I am not a native speaker, but I can help you with some of the idioms you stated (most of them can be find on Google:

    A: tie the knot = get married
    B. hava a crush = be infatuated with someone
    C: take the plunge = to begin an unfamiliar venture, especially after hesitating
    D: fall in love = to begin to love someone, to become strongly attracted to a place, activity, or thing
    E: on the rocks = likely to fail because of serious problems; in a state of difficulty, destruction, or ruin; without money; bankrupt; and also served over ice cubes (alcoholic drinks)
    F: head over heels in love = to be in love with someone very much, especially at the beginning of a relationship


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