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One of the basic needs of people is to know that they are not alone. We need to have somebody to share our happiness or sadness. We need friends. However, what is it that makes a good friend? In my opinion, the key qualities are loyalty, honestly and sense of humor.

Loyalty is probably one of the most important aspects of friendship, and it is what separates true friends from acquaintances. When times become hard most people want to do nothing with you except for loyal friends who are supportive, dependable and always there where you need them. Nowadays, when loyalty is measured in words more than in actions, if you have found it, appreciate it.

Truth may hurt but a lie can kill friendship. Nobody wants to have dishonest friends who lie all the time. We expect to hear the truth, sometimes, even if it can hurt our feelings. Painful but truthful friendsí advice is better than sweet lie.

Life is too short not to fill it with laugher and smiles. Who wants to listen to endless complains and get bored to death? Nobody! We all have obligations, commitments but creative, cheerful people who can make our life lighter and cheer us up even if we are really in a bad mood are more significant to us.

There are a lot of qualities of friendship. For me, loyalty, honestly and sense of humor are important for others may not but if your friend is like a twin brother of yours and you rely on him, respect it.