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Thread: make and do

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    make and do


    I am looking for lessons for distinguishing between proper usage of make and do. I have found exercises, but no practical rules for when to use one or the other. Are there any good pages out there someone could direct me to?

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    Re: make and do

    Have you tried this one?: Make or Do? or "Doing Time" / ESL Lesson

    There are others listed here:

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    Re: make and do

    This sounds like you're coming from a French background where faire is the verb 'to make' and also the verb 'to do'. In English they are very different.

    To make is normally (but probably not always) the act of producing something from a collection of other things, or to restructure some thing to produce something else, you can think of it in terms of a manufacturing industry... you MAKE a car, you MAKE a dress, you MAKE a dinner. To make is the act of creation, not servicing something that already exists.

    To do is an activity which doesn't necessarily produce anything new, you can think of it in terms of a service DO the washing, you DO the accounts, you DO the dishes, you DO your hair. To do is the act of servicing something that exists, not creating something.

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    Re: make and do


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