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    Question Need your help

    Is there anyone who knows the meaning of "swap me bob" ?
    it was in a conversation between a boy and a girl in "Episode" by somerset moiam.
    Ihsan KESMEN

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    Re: Need your help

    Welcome, ihsankesmen.

    Try this spelling,
    If I could only tike them an' you too, swop me bob, I should be 'appy. ... Why, 'is leg swell up till it was as big round as 'is body, swop me bob, it did. ...
    There are more examples here: "swop me bob" - Google Search And my apologies, I'm not 100% sure what swop me bob means, but BobK or Tdol probably will, so hold on. (I'm a North American speaker of English.)

    All the best.


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