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Thread: what or how

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    what or how

    When Debby's father remarried,she didnt call his new wife


    can you explain the answer you choose
    i thought i was 'how'
    but a teacher of mine said it is 'what'
    thanks in advance

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    Re: what or how

    "what" is correct. '...she didn't know what (name) to call...'
    "which" is used when there are two or more specific choices to choose from, and you cannot say '...she didn't know which to call...". But you can say '...she didn't know which name to call...'.
    The other three are unsuitable.
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    Re: what or how

    Weclome, everlasting.

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    Re: what or how

    thanks everybody so much
    i think i will be here more often:)


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