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    Question Liz


    I have just been asked to take on 2 ESL students from Denmark & have no background in ESL. They are in Grades 5 & 6 & attended an International school there. The grade 5 student is having problems following classroom instructions & understanding what is being asked of her.I would like some assistance as to where to start & how to assist her in being able to cope in the classroom.



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    Re: Liz

    Welcome, Liz.

    Sounds to me as if your student is going through a period of adjustment. That s/he has attended an international school tells me s/he shouldn't have problems understanding classroom language--unless that is, the student is not used to your style of speech (e.g., accent, speed, vocabulary).

    My advice to you is to take it slow, be patient--as I know you probably are, and allow the student time to get comfortable with the new change(s). If the student's behavior persists, you may want to talk to the parents and find out if there is more to this than a new environment.

    Here's a site that may provide additional support. It's for upper-elementary teachers: Teachers.Net - UPPER ELEMENTARY CENTER - Welcome to the Upper Elementary Chatboard. This discussion board is for teachers of grades 4 through 6. A special place to exchange ideas and support with your upper elementary teacher colleagues across the pl

    Does that help?


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