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    Please help my reading

    Hi, guys... I don't understand the sentence colored with pink. Could you

    explain what that means? Thank you.

    BRAINY BIRD Chirpy-Chi ($25) is Tiger Electronics' latest attempt to build the

    perfect robotic animal toy, and it's safe to say it's getting closer. When

    called to action, the toy sings (up to 40 songs) and begs for its ear-of-corn

    toy, which it "eats" with jabbing movements and excited warbles. Though a

    successor to Furby and Poo-Chi, this plastic, squawking, nonspecific bird

    doesn't exhibit the same annoyingly earnest cuteness.
    Even more important:

    Chirpy-Chi goes to sleep in a hurry and doesn't wake up at every little sound.

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    Re: Please help my reading

    The writer found the cuteness of the earlier models irritating- they were too obviously designed to be cute, while this one is not. It's s bird that isn't any paarticular species (non-specific). If a bird squawks, the noise it makes is not a song.

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