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    Post how to test students' writing proficency

    Your sirs or ladies,
    Writing proficiency is one of the most important components of language proficiency.People have realized the critical importance of the search for excellence in developing writing assessment instruments that provide the best possible information about student proficiency,which is quite difficult to realize. the direct topic approach has high validity, but while quite typical, this method has a serious drawback: It will be compressed into a smaller score range that might occur if writers were able to find their own level by writing on topics they feel comfortable with. The indirect objective approach(maily refers to multiple choice) is not easily affected by scorers,but the validity of this method has been doubted. May your sirs or ladies give me some advice on what testing method to use to assess the testees' real writing proficiecy? Many thanks:)

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    Re: how to test students' writing proficency

    I don't honestly see how multiple choice can be used to test someone's writing abilities; recognition of correct patterns or words is not the same as creating a text. To me, task-based writing is the best way to test writing, and a more realistic use of language.

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