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    Arrow Adverbial subjunct?


    Could you please tell me what it is? I couldn't find it on the internet.

    Thank you very much!

    Ana Laura

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    Re: Adverbial subjunct?

    Here is a definition: an adverbial subjunct (from Latin subjunctus, 'partially joined')is an verb-modifier that relates (to an extent) to [clause elements] other than its verb phrase. Examples include 'only, mainly' and 'almost'

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    Re: Adverbial subjunct?

    SUBJUNCTS: they have a subordinate and parenthetic role in comparison with adjuncts. There are two main subtypes:

    1, subjuncts with wide orientation, (semantic concept:respect)

    Architecturally, the plan represents a magnificent conception.
    Looked at politically, the proposal seems dangerous.

    You are cordially invited to take your places.

    2, subjuncts with narrow orientation, (semantic area of manner):

    She has consistently opposed the lawyer’s arguments.

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