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    I'm away from office

    Hi, can i use this format to tell my collegeu that i'll be away from office. thanks

    Subject : Away from office

    Dear all,

    Ill be away from office between 23 25 May 2007 for attending training. Here is the details
    Venue :
    Time :
    Date :


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    Re: I'm away from office

    Quote Originally Posted by hampeh View Post
    Hi, can I use this format to tell my colleagues that I'll be away from office? thanks
    I'll be away from the office on 23-25 May 2007 to attend training.

    There's no need to tell them the details. You're out of the office, and that's what's important.

    If you want, you can say "to attend training in Vancouver."

    You've already told them the dates, and the time is irrelevent - we would just assume it's "during the business day."

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