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    Edit Paraphrase Please

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    Unpleasant affective responses and overeating commonly occur together. Negative feelings such as anger, resentment, anxiety, or loneliness, when handled by eating, lead to continued obesity and to the development and maintenance of maladaptive behavior. Thus, some individuals learn to use food to escape from tension or boredom or to assuage pain or depression. On the other hand, food and overeating also appear to be frequently associated with social occasions, fun, and self-gratification. Therefore, specific attention to feelings and emotions serving as antecedents or consequences to overeating gives both the clinician and client a better understanding of eating behavior (Jeffrey, Dawson, & Wilson, 1988, p. 250).


    "Some individuals use eating as a pacifier when they are upset or sad, and others eat just for the sake of eating (Jeffrey, Dawson, & Wilson, 1988, p. 250). Negative feelings and negative emotions cause people to eat for the wrong reasons. People also use food to avoid dealing with unpleasant circumstances. These reasons for eating lead to added pounds, making that individual overweight. Some people think eating a lot at social gatherings is acceptable. There should be more research to examine the relationship between eating, overeating and individuals."

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    Re: Edit Paraphrase Please

    One paradox of overeating, and the negative impact of such, is that it can be caused by either negative influences or positive ones. One person may overeat to compensate for loneliness, stress, etc. Another, or even the same person, may find themselves overeating at parties or other happy times primarily because of the availabilty of the food. No matter the reason, overeating causes obesity as well as many other health issues. More research is needed to study the relationship between moods and overeating.

    (Note that "between" should be used for two terms, not three. If you have three, the word would be "among.")

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    Re: Edit Paraphrase Please

    Thank you for the correction. The version I posted was my 5th attempt. I am making progress but paraphrasing is very challenging for me.
    Thank you again.

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