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    Cool Is ppt good for teaching?

    Dear all:
    Using ppt (power point) to present key points is very popular in English teaching classes recently. It is ture that it can make the teaching seem more systematic, and it can also save the teacher a lot of time in class to write main points on the blackboard. Besides, the interesting sounds and flashes can cheer students up in class. However, some recent studies find that the using of ppt in class deprives students' time of thinking. You know, to accept new knowledge is a complicated process. But to present the knowledge all in a flash seems too quick and too much to the learners' memory system and their processing devices. What's your opinion about this?

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    Re: Is ppt good for teaching?

    Welcome, shine422.

    What are your opinions?

    I've also read the studies--mind you, you don't have to read them to know that using ppts in moderation is best. There are similarities to be made here between TV taking the place of the caregiver and ppts taking the place of the teacher. Neither is the answer, but both can be effective means to an end, if used properly.

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    Re: Is ppt good for teaching?

    When I was a grad student in CA, there was a Mexican student who used ppt all the time whenever she made a presentation. I figured she used it to make up for her lack of knowledge in English.

    Her presentations didn't synthesize the information or present new ideas. She copied straight outta the book. How sad.

    but more to your point, don't use it unless you have something brilliant to say and can condense the information into something concise.

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    Re: Is ppt good for teaching?

    I agree with Hinomora. In many circles it's known as 'death by PowerPoint'. If it is used well, it can be excellent, but it can also be unbelievably tedious when used badly. If there's not a very good reason for using it, I'd say don't.

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    Re: Is ppt good for teaching?

    I think that ppt is great and an invaluable teaching resource but I agree that simply copying and pasting huge chunks of text on a slide and then reading it to the class is a waste of time. A few key words on the screen is much more effective.

    There are lots of things that you can use ppt for as well, from little quizzes where the answers are revealed on a mouse click by a custom animation to a timer to show pupils how long they have to complete a particular task.

    I also find that ppt is a great way of displaying pictures and linking to movie clips.

    If you fell that you have taken ppt as far as you can, then try Macromedia Flash. It is a fantastic piece of software - quite tricky to learn at first but well worth the effort.

    You can see some of the things I have created using Flash by visitng my website:

    XML Education: Interactive Educational Software

    I will be happy to try to help if people have any questions or comments about ppt or Flash!


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    Re: Is ppt good for teaching?

    I agree with David that PowerPoint can be a great tool. The more I use it, the less I rely on the all the fancy stuff and focus on simplicity and good visual information. The concern about having too much to process is a very big concern for me, and it forces us to rethink how to present. When I look at some of the grammar books, I get overwhelmed with all the information in front of me and wonder about students facing this. PowerPoint allows us to focus on what we think they need to understand the grammar point or writing point. It takes some rethinking on how to present concepts.

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    Re: Is ppt good for teaching?

    PPT is great, especially when you are teaching listening skills and are using pictures, but that isn't the topic.

    I am surprised that a lot of teachers, when using PowerPoint, do not distribute handouts. I see a lot of posters here saying that PowerPoint is too fast, people summarize, etc. I agree that many will misuse it. However, it does break the monotony in the classroom and adds variety, something English language learners do need from time to time.

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    Re: Is ppt good for teaching?

    Hello everyone,
    As a high school student, i sometimes use ppt to make my presentation and my teachers often use them too, ppt is strong in its outlook, it's clear and maybe that why many teachers choose them, as my personal view, if a teacher want to get a successful lesson with ppt, he/she should pay more times on making it than traditional teaching way (with backboard).
    sorry for my poor english.

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    Re: Is ppt good for teaching?

    I just did an intensive one day English course for new hires. We focused on the importance of English for communication, introductions, networking, and meetings. It was a busy and full day, and powerpoint was used through much of it.

    It's a tool like anything else, and it should be handled sparingly. Just like any site or book that talks about using ppt in presentations, the same holds true for ppt in the classroom. Each slide should have a limited amount of information to focus the class, and the rest of the information and activities should be off the slide.

    In the intensive class, about 40% of the information was on the slides, and the remaining 60% was presented or elicited. In addition, a lot of practice and reinforcement activities were conducted to ensure the students knew how and could use the material.

    Chris Cotter
    Free flashcards at The Flashcard Hub.
    Just print and teach materials at Heads Up English.

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    Re: Is ppt good for teaching?

    Neat name


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