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    Edit my essay pleaase.....:-(

    I want help with my essay please.. I need your comments about my essay and thanks in advance....

    Common Worries of Young People
    It is human nature, whether man or woman, old or young, that each person has their worries, hopes, joys and sadness. Each person is unlike the other, depending on their age, community and educational background. In my case as a young girl, and like most girls and boys in my age we are worrying about certain things like work, marriage, and beauty and fashion.
    The first concern that young people worry about is work. This worry knocks our mind in the final year of our study. Students begin to wonder if they are find a job,’’ will be this job a suitable for me or not? Is the salary will be enough? And if I can’t find a job, what should I do?’’ For that we should let the time pass, and for everything there is an appropriate time. Our role is to study hard and do our best to get the highest grade in the university. Then leave the future to destiny .We should believe in God wisely. He distributes livelihoods and the share of each person before he was born into this world.
    The second concern of young people is marriage. Spinsterhood is one of the major problems in our Arab community in general and the Gulf in particular, and is complementary to another problem, which is the problem of bachelorhood among men. Indeed, there are many reasons for that. In fact marriage cost is too much. The young man who is start his career and taking his first steps up the career ladder after graduating from university can’t bear the burdens of marriage alone. Many families request a high costs and burdens that plague for the young, and endured him, thus delaying marriage for when he become older. For the girl, when she enters university, she begins to think about marriage and she starts to ask herself when a proper husband will come. What are the specifications for her husband? Will there be a conflict between marriage and continuing studying? If there is a contradiction what should she do? And if she chooses the study, what is the grantee that she will marry later.
    The last worry for young people is about their look. “During the early part of the mid-1990's period nearly 60% of 18-24 year old females have reported being worried 'quite a lot/a lot' about their appearance” (Education and Health Vol. 22 No.1, 2004). As we see in this quotation, the most important thing for girls is their look, beauty and fashion. Caring about their beauty is something pet for them, and it is a response to their femininity. I think there are two sorts of women. One type has a normal ideal about beauty while the other one has anxiety about it which laid later to a kind of psychological illness. The first kind of woman does the usual thing; she needs to care about her beauty in normal way. But the other is a very miserable kind. They are following behind fashion and the latest techniques in the world of cosmetics, even if they don’t endure their costs. If necessary they will have plastic surgery to improve their appearance.
    In the end, I think for each group age there are common worries they think about. In my essay I discuss common worries in my age group between 18-25years old. Their worries about work, marriage, beauty and fashion. For both genders they are concerning on their future in marriage and work, which sometimes damaged their dreams from our real world. And girls are concern on their look and appearance, which they care about more than man. I think on every age group they are sharing similar worries, hopes, joys and sadness.

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    Re: Edit my essay pleaase.....:-(

    Quote Originally Posted by shoog View Post

    It is human nature, whether man or woman, old or young, that each person has their worries, hopes, joys and sadness.
    Each person has his hopes, worries, joys, and disappointments.

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