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    I'm teaching Korean students and I'm having a hard time teaching beginners, intermediate and advance students. I don't usually know which skill to focus on..any tips?


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    what ages are your students? I teach beginner two year olds very differently from 9 year olds etc. etc.

    My advanced student has a mind like a steel trap, so I can rapid fire vocabulary at him and he formats sentences. After 10 minutes, I change format and we read aloud, developing new vocabulary. We also incorporated essays, verbal and written.

    My gifted students get bored quickly, so I intergrate word games, anagrams and reading, switching as needed.

    Younger children (toddler level)I used crafts and just chattedtothem in english while they finger painted, using feathers, stamps, vegetables etc.

    Most importantly, make it fun and relaxing.

    Hope this helps.


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