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    standard or offbeat?

    Children are and I guess will be drawn at every turn towards eccentricities in language. All of us come under the spell of these unsettling drums. Youths invariably speak to other youths in a tongue of their own devising; they renovate the language with a wild vigour. Words like geek, dude, ripoff, nerd, funky will be soon the words of yesteryear, and we will be fielding more recent ones that have come bouncing into our speech. A new word is aways up for survival. Most are, at least in their infancy, more appropriate to conversation than to composition. The "attention-getting" language of advertising is here, with its deliberate infractions of grammatical rules and its crossbreeding of the parts of speech (pet peeves?). Your cigarette tastes good like a cigarette should, and, like everyone says, you will want to try one. We utilize electricity, accesorize our kitchen with stuff and finalize some project.

    I have problems at home. My little kids answer my questions with MP (my pleasure), ASAP, "this is FYI", and leave notes hard for me to decipher (U2, sk8, 4U and so on). I'd better catch up with them, or else we won't be able to understand each other anymore. Sometimes I correct them in a teacherly way: "this isn't correct language, young man!" To me, some of their words are detached from the language and inflated like little baloons. We expect kids to enter the stream of English quickly, and not trash about. I don't know if this is merely evasion, or laziness, or adventure. But I do know that childish curiosity and inventivity and creativity is a breath of fresh air in our stale world of conformism.

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    Re: standard or offbeat?

    They will have a greater influence on the language of tomorrow than we will.

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