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Thread: with whom

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    with whom

    I am not sure if both these sentences are correct. Could somebody help me clear this out?

    1. The person I get on best with in my family is my elder brother.
    2. The person, with whom I get on best in my family, is my elder brother.

    Is the punctuation OK?
    Thanks for your comment

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    Post Re: with whom

    Both sounds correct to me.
    In the second sentence ("with whom I get on best in my family") is a prepositional definig clause, so there is no need to put a comma.

    I'm not a teacher.

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    Re: with whom

    The first version is what every normal English speaking person would say. (Sorry, the first version is a colloquial use of English which most uneducated people might adopt in everyday speech, despite it being grammatically incorrect).

    The second version would get full marks in an English Exam.
    (Sorry, the second version is that with which the writer would most likely to be deserving of the ultimate recognition by an English examiner)

    Why the **** do the very few self appointed examiners of English think that everyday normal use of English is wrong!


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