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    Usage of "Many" and "Much"

    A fellow co-worker and I were having a discussion about the proper use of many versus much, and I was having a little difficulty in trying and explaining the difference to her. Could you offer a solid explanation for me to relay to her please? Thank you.

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    Re: Usage of "Many" and "Much"

    Many = determiner, pronoun, & adjective (more, most) a large number of.

    Much = ē determiner & pronoun (more, most) 1 a large amount

    The first relates to number/quantity; the second relates to volume/weight.

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    Re: Usage of "Many" and "Much"

    Or, if you can count "them," use many. If you can't count it, use "much."
    There isn't much coffee left in this pot - I doubt we'll be able to pour many cups of coffee from what is left.

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