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    Deiby Garcia Melendez Guest

    verb folllow of prepotitions

    I would like to know about which are the verbs that are follow of prepotitions?
    to give example........
    almost 20...for example.

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    Re: verb folllow of prepotitions

    Verbs followed by preposition:

    to agree with
    to apologize for
    to cope with
    to consist of
    to concentrate on
    to depend on
    to keep on
    to prevent(somebody) from
    to spend(money/time) on
    to be afraid of
    to begin by
    to be for/against
    to die of
    to complain about
    to dream about/of
    to escape from
    to succeed in
    to take part in
    to care for
    to adjust to

    Homework? :wink:


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