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    Post Teacher i ask a lot of question

    Hi I am new student in this class so you help me ple.
    I want to know about learning in english better n better n I want to know my english level skill .What can I do?
    Please I from myanmar I think i skill r vert badly .so i always made mistake .So I afaird of speak english .Please You help me about what to do the learning english.And I want to make a friend(all country)because of pratice in english.u received my message don't be late respond me
    I wait for u letter
    You loving,
    learner girl

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    Re: Teacher i ask a lot of question

    Welcome, learnergirl.

    If you look at the site you will find there are tests you can take, and that these forums contain a lot of information.

    If you have a problem, ask questions and someone will try and help you.

    To learn well, you must practice all the time.

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