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  1. Lynque

    Happy New Year -- Caveat

    Happy New Year, everyone, and with that . . .

    With the December appearance of

    Knock up:
    Produce or create something quickly

    red flags should abound. "Slap together" might be well advised.

    What say you?

    PS: For those yet to know (in the Northeast, anyway), the PV has to do with a lady's state of expectantcy, as it were, and don't you know!

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    Re: Happy New Year -- Caveat

    "knock up" is American slang for 'make pregnant' ; "knock up' is proper British English for 'wake someone up in the morning by knocking on their door'.

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    Re: Happy New Year -- Caveat

    I don't know that "slap together" sounds very much better.

    The context is, of course, all important. There's a world of difference between knocking up a woman and knocking up a bookcase, and anyone who doesn't know the difference really needs to get out more.

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    Re: Happy New Year -- Caveat

    Is this a pregnancy announcement??!!

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