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    Question What does "slam dunk"mean?

    " If you had followed my instructions, this final would have been a slam dunk. "
    I cannot find out the phrase "slam dunk" in the dictionary, would you please explain the meaning? The following is the context:
    Next Wednesday, he showed up in class with the results. He announced, "You met my lowest expectations. Most of you missed the whole point, and your grades reflect it. However, I am annoyed. I was forced to grant one more A than I had predicted." And he glared pointedly at me. "There were four this semester."
    He handed out the graded finals. The groans and grumbling were audible. However, I had gotten an A. Why did I sense he wasn't going to let me enjoy it?
    Wickert interrupted all the complaints. "I warned you at the beginning of class that you would not do the assignments or read the book. You took the lazy way out - and it cost you. If you had followed my instructions, this final would have been a slam dunk. Now that it's over, I can tell you. I took the case straight out of the textbook. Verbatim. I did not even bother to change the name on the case. I knew you wouldn't notice."

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    Re: What does "slam dunk"mean?

    "Slam dunk" is a phrase that originated in basketball. Used in the context you provided, it means a decisive action which was easy to accomplish.

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    Smile Re: What does "slam dunk"mean?

    Thank u very much! I understand :)


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