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    if you will excuse me


    I saw the phrase "If you will excuse me" in a film, and I was wondering... shouldn't it be "If you excuse me"??

    I've googled both of the phrases and got more results with the first one, but according to my grammar book, first conditional is: IF + PRESENT VERB, + FUTURE.

    Is this an exception?

    Thank you!Bye!

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    Re: if you will excuse me

    No - it is a normal collocation, and a politer way of saying "Please excuse me".

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    Re: if you will excuse me

    - it's a normal collocation. It's not really a conditional at all, although - with the 'if' - it looks like one. When someone says 'If you will excuse me, I have to go now' he is going to go - and the going is not conditional on anyone's permission. He doesn't mean '...and if you don't excuse me, I will magically not have to go'.


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