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    Can someone tell the different between "will" and "am going"

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    Re: will

    Be going to expresses a plan.

    Ex: I am going to be a doctor. That's my plan.
    Ex: I will be a doctor. It will happen. I am 100% sure.

    Ex: It's going to rain. It looks like it.
    Ex: It will rain. The guy on the weather channel said so.

    Does that help?

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    Re: will

    will is used for
    • general predictions or statements about the future
    • offers and promises (I'll take a look at it later.)
    • spontanious decisions (I'm hungry. I'll go get something to eat.)
    going to is used for
    • certain predictions with present signs (Look at these clouds! I think it's going to rain soon.)
    • intentions and plans (We're going to go to Spain next year in the summer.) --> if it's already a fixed arrangement you use the present progressive, though: We're going to Spain next summer. (=We've already bought the tickets.)
    Hope that's clear enough


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