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    shifting sand

    Going by performance, women cricketers in India have logged better results than their male counterparts. Yet, until now, they have not even enjoyed a smallholding in Indian cricket (despite being Asia Cup Champions and World Cup finalists).

    In 2006, the International Cricket Council (ICC) directed all its affiliated associations to take women's cricket under their wings. Perhaps, if not for the ICC's initiative, women's cricket in India may have continued to languish in wilderness.

    A pertinent question is whether it can vault to the next level following the merger with the Board of Cricket Control for India (BCCI)?


    It would be fair to say that the foundation for a mild transition has been laid. The Women's Cricket Association of India (WCAI) was starved of sponsorships and barely had enough in its kitty to hire quality grounds for matches. So much so that it had to take recourse in Mumbai's Azad Maidan to organise national level tournaments.

    "The merger was inevitable," says Diana Eduljee, a doyen of women's cricketers in the 70s. "First, our girls will enjoy prolonged exposure to top cricket. They can now avail of facilities offered by the State Associations. Primary concerns such as advanced infrastructure and superior playing facilities have been addressed. Their match fees are now comparable with that in men's junior cricket and under-19 levels (Rs 2,500 per match day)."

    She adds with a chuckle, " Some of our players travel by air for domestic matches." A welcome change given that not too long ago they had to settle for ordinary sleeper class berths in trains.

    [Source : Cricket News - Women's cricket awaiting fillip ,Live Cricket Scores, Latest Cricket News, Cricket updates, Cricket Commentary, Cricket info ]

    Please explain `shifting sand'.

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    Re: shifting sand

    Sand is unstable.

    However, I think this headline is meant to suggest that women's cricket in India is becoming accepted more widely.

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